Since 2016 there has been a fee for processing of certain applications.

All cases that have to do with refugees are free of fees – the only exception is refugees applying for permanent residency. Complaints and requests for reopening concerning asylum and humanitarian residence permit are also free of fees. For the applications that require a fee, you must ask for a case ID number first, then pay the fee and attach the receipt to the application. In cases of doubt, you must pay first and then get reimbursed later (minus an administration fee).

Current rates 2021:
Family reunification: 9,460 DKR
Extension of family reunification: 2,960 DKR
Permanent residency based on family reunification: 4,365 DKR
Permanent residency based on asylum: 4,365 DKR
Permanent residency based on work or study: 6,370 DKR
Complaints: 895 DKR
Requests for reopening: 895 DKR
Fee withheld in case of reinbursement: 895 DKR

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