ENGLISH VERSION: What to expect after the election?

Refugees in Denmark will be facing some severe changes in the future

The election shifted the power from red to blue block in Denmark - and made the nationalist Dansk Folkeparti the second largest party. No matter how the government will be formed, this will lead to severe changes for new as well as old refugees in Denmark. The party Venstre will probably lead the government, and Dansk Folkeparti will be in a strong position on the issue of refugees and foreigners, even if they may not be an actual part of the government. All the parties in the blue block agree on a stricter policy on refugees and foreigners.

Here is what VENSTRE has proposed during the election campaign:

• Newcomers to Denmark, including refugees, should only have "starthjælp" which will be the level of SU (study grant, 5.500 DKR per month)

• Newcomers should "earn" child allowance, so that it will take 4 years before they will receive the same amount as Danes

• Refugees should not have special access to age pension, even though they rarely fulfil the normal demand of 40 years work and residence in Denmark

• Higher demands to obtain permanent residence permit, no dispensation for refugees

• "Precautionary principle" (not defined) to be used in asylum decisions

• More focus on deportation of rejected refugees

• The member appointed by Danish Refugee Council should be removed from The Refugee Appeals Board (in effect reduced from 5 to 3 members again, as it was before)

• No right to live and work outside the asylum camps anymore for asylum seekers with a pending case

• International obligations "may have to be changed in order to lead an effective asylum policy"

• Establishing of refugee camps in the neighboring areas of the refugee producing countries

• Saving billions of kroner on the asylum area (not defined how)

Here is what DANSK FOLKEPARTI has proposed during the election campaign, and before (recently confirmed) - most of Venstre's proposals are already policy of Dansk Folkeparti, so we will only list the ones who differ:

• Asylum shoud only be given for 1 year at a time, and refugees should stay in asylum camps like asylum seekers until they can be returned. After establishing refugee camps abroad in the future, the goal is that nobody gets asylum in Denmark at all

• Closing down the Refugee Appeals Board

• Everyone who has stayed in Denmark for less than 10 years should have their grounds for residence reassessed, especially considering whether they could live with their family in another country

• Reestablishing the former point system for permanent residence permit and family renunification + the fee of 3.000 DKR for applying

• Higher demands for obtaining Danish citizenship, also for children born and raised in Denmark, and no dispensation access for disabled persons

• DNA testing of all asylum seekers

• All refugees should sign the human rights declarations, and if they break them, the consequence will be expulsion and even deprivation of Danish citizenship

• The number of muslims in Denmark should be reduced

• Prohibition against wearing burka and niqab

• Prohibition against girls wearing hijab in public schools, no leave on muslim holidays

• Prohibition against speaking any language except Danish in public schools

• Mandatory serving of pork meat (20%) in state institutions such as kindergartens and elderly homes

• Closing down of educations which are in English

• Doctors should report patients without legal stay (in spite of confidentially clause)