Here you will find all the relevant facts and information on refugees in Denmark in one place, and in an easily accessible form. You can also learn more about what the experts have to say on various aspects of the topic. The site is meant for everyone with an interest in refugees – volunteers, journalists, professionals, students, politicians – not to mention refugees themselves. The starting point is respect for the Refugee Convention and refugee- and human rights.

The entire site is in both Danish and English. At the moment, most of the work is done pro bono, but the goal is to find funding. So far, we have received a donation from Plums Fond for Fred, Økologi og Bæredygtighed and from private donors. Recently we have introduced adverts on the page, as well as sponsorships. Write us at kontakt@refugees.dk and hear about prices.

Behind refugees.dk

DAILY LEADER and editor:

Michala Clante Bendixen
Originally a graphic designer, Michala started working with refugees on a voluntary basis in 2007. Over the years, she created the humanitarian organisation Refugees Welcome, Denmark, which became her full time occupation. The organisation provides free legal advice for refugees and works on the political level for refugee rights. Michala received the Human Rights Award 2014 from the Danish Council of Human Rights. She is widely acknowledged for her personal engagement and her great knowledge on the subject, and a frequent guest in the Danish media.


Martin Lemberg-Pedersen
Dr, MA, BA. Assisting professor at Global Refugee Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark (read more). Researching on asylum, migration, border control and integration. Respected for his broad knowledge and often used by the media within the mentioned topics. 

Zachary Whyte
External lecturer at Institute for Anthropology, Copenhagen University and Global Refugee Studies, Aalborg University (read more) Researching on asylum centers, Danish asylum policy and integration. For The Danish Institute for International Studies he produced a report on sustainable return of rejected asylum seekers. 

Katrine Syppli Kohl
Dr, MSocSc, BA. Researcher at VIVE – the Danish Centre of Applied Social Science and post.doc. at the Centre for advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), University of Copenhagen (read more). Her research interests include the living conditions of refugees and asylum seekers, and the attempts of states and others to manage migration and integration.