REFUGEES.dk is a part of the association Refugees Welcome.

Refugees Welcome is a small. humanitarian organisation, based on voluntary work. It is funded by memberships and totally independent from public funding. Our starting point is the UN Refugee Convention and human rights.

We work in three ways, supplementing each other:

• We provide free legal counseling and assistance to asylum seekers and refugees;

• We work on the political level to improve refugees' legal rights;

• We offer information and knowledge about refugees in Denmark.

The REFUGEES.dk website is the main part of our information work. Here you will find all the relevant facts and information on refugees in Denmark in one place, and in an easily accessible form. You can also learn more about what the experts have to say on various aspects of the topic. The site is meant for everyone with an interest in refugees – volunteers, journalists, professionals, students, politicians – and not least refugees themselves.

The entire site is in both Danish and English.

You can support the site and ensure its survival by becoming a member, read more here (in Danish).

Editor at REFUGEES.DK:

Michala Clante Bendixen
Originally a graphic designer, Michala started working with refugees on a voluntary basis in 2007. Over the years, she created the humanitarian organisation Refugees Welcome, Denmark, which became her full time occupation. Michala received the Human Rights Award 2014 from the Danish Council of Human Rights. She is widely acknowledged for her personal engagement and her great knowledge on the subject, and a frequent guest in the media. She has published 4 reports on different aspects of refugees in Denmark, all translated to English, they can be found here. Beside her work for Refugees Welcome, Michala is the country coordinator for Denmark on the EU commission's website for integration EWSI.

The photo can be downloaded for press use by clicking on it. Credit: Wilfred Gachau