Unemployment Insurance Fund (A-kasse) and Unemployment Benefits (Dagpenge)

Who can become member of an unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse)?

To become a member of an A-kasse you must have residence permit in Denmark and be between 18 and until 2 years before retirement age.

Employees, self-employed, as well as students and graduates can join an A-kasse.

It is free for students – also under the IGU program – to be a member of an A-kasse, and at the same time it gives an economic advantage to sign up already during the study time (read more here).

If you are a member of an A-kasse, you can get unemployment benefits (in Danish: "dagpenge"), if you lose your job, or if you are without job after completing your education. You can receive dagpenge for a period of 2 years.

The amount you get in dagpenge is higher than social security allowance (kontanthjælp). You can get up to DKK 19,083 per month in dagpenge.

Dagpenge is not a social allowance like kontanthjælp and integration allowance, and this is of great importance when applying for permanent residence, citizenship or family reunification. However, periods of more than 4 months on dagpenge affects citizenship applications.

How much does membership of an A-kasse cost?

The price for membership varies between approximately DKK 450-500 per month. The amount is fully deductible in taxes.

You can see an overview of all A-kasser here.

Requirements for being eligible for dagpenge:

• You must have been member of an A-kasse for at least one year

• You must have earned/have had an income of at least DKK 238,512 before taxes (in 2020) during the last 3 years (in total). 
Income from job with any kind of public wage subsidies, for instance Job with "løntilskud" can not be used to fulfill the income-requirement.

• For a period, there was a length of residence demand, which has now been abolished.

• You must be registered as a job seeker at your local job centre or on jobnet.dk

• You must be actively seeking employment and willing to accept offers of employment with one day's notice. (this is possible if you have residence permit).

Read more about the requirements for being eligible for dagpenge.

Special favourable conditions for newly educated (graduates):

If you have completed an education of at least 18 months duration, including for example an IGU program, you can receive dagpenge on special conditions that applies only for graduates.
 Graduates receive a slightly lower amount in dagpenge than others. 
If you have dependent child/children you can get DKK 15,648 per month. The child/children must be residing in Denmark.
 You will receive DKK 13,644 per month, if you don't have dependent children.

In order to get these special rights in the A-kasse as a newly educated, it is important to apply for admission into an A-kasse at the latest two weeks after your date of graduation.

Read more about A-kasse for graduates.

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