Criticism of Denmark by UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Children up to 18 years must be treated as children, and the best interest of the child must be taken more seriously

For the fifth time, Denmark has been examined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The examination looks into how well the state is respecting the convention, which we have signed. It's a process where the Danish state must explain how recommendation from the committees last examination have been carried out, and a number of NGOs deliver their evaluation of which problems children in Denmark are facing. On this basis, the committee presents a number of recommendations, urging the Danish state to bring things in better line with the convention.

Here you can read Refugees Welcomes short shadow report with our most important worries concerning asylum seeking and refugee children, which was included in the material to the committe.

The concluding observations of the committee can be read here (in English).

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