Q&A for refugees right now

Many refugees are nervous about what happens after the Financial Act – read our answers here.


- Have the changes been passed?
The deal has been made, but parts of it must be processed as law proposals through the Parliament. We can not say exactly when the different parts will be introduced and who they will include.

- Has the term refugee been changed?
No, but they will change the wording on the residence card, the sentence “med mulighed for varigt ophold” will be changed to “med henblik på midlertidigt ophold”. This could affect the right to free education above high school level, but we now have a reply from the Ministry saying that access to education for various refugee groups will not be changed. In other words, it is still only refugees with a 7(3) status who do not have free access.

- How will a recognised refugee be affected by the restrictions?
Apart from the thing about education (maybe), it will at first only be a change in focus from integration to returning home, which you will probably also meet at the kommune. A somewhat contradictory job for the local caseworkers…

- What is the risk of being sent back if you are still in danger of persecution?
If you have asylum after article 7(1) you are still reasonably safe here. But they could call people in for interview and decide that you are no longer in danger according to the Refugee Convention, if the situation in Syria changes (for example if amnesty is given to people who fled form military service).

- Do you think, Syria will be considered a safe country for returns on the short run? (months, few years)
Yes, some areas will probably be considered “safe” quite soon, so that people with asylum under art. 7(3) can be returned. But it might take a long time to actually carry this through in practice. And all cases must go through Refugee Appeals Board first.

- Which advise do you have for the ones with refugee status in Denmark right now?
Continue your education or job! No matter if you are going to stay or go back, it will be an advantage. If you are still here legally after 8 years you can apply for permanent residence (after only 4  if you live up to ALL the hard conditions + the supplementary ones). Some will be able to get it. As far as we see it, it will still be possible to apply for permanent residence if and when you live up to the criteria, even if it says “med henblik på midlertidigt ophold” on your residence card.