To Syrian refugees in Denmark

Are you at risk of losing your residence permit?

Immigration Service is sending out letters these days to certain Syrian refugees, informing that they consider revoking the residence permit. So far, it mostly concerns refugees with the 7(3) status from Damascus province, but others may also be called in for interview. Of course, many are nervous and in doubt about what to do.

It’s very important to immediately find good counsellors who can explain how to prepare for the interview in the best way. If the case goes to the Refugee Appeals Board, the counsellors can recommend experienced and reliable lawyers. Those things will improve the chances of keeping the residence permit. And if you lose it, you are better prepared for the consequences.

You can get free personal counselling here:

• Refugees Welcome
c/o Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Fælledvej 12, opgang C, 4. sal, room 43, 22400 Kbh N
Every Tuesday 16-19. Arabic translator can be ordered in advance.
Phone 50558011 (every day, leave a message if it’s not picked up)
Facebook chat

• DRC Danish Refugee Council
Phone 33735000 every day 9-16, Wednesdays Arabic translator 12-15. Ask for the asylum department.

You can also ask for a person to accompany you to interviews via DRC (in Sjælland)

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