34 asylum tightenings bring Denmark to the bottom

The government's proposals are one long line of punishment and humiliation without respect for human rights

The new proposals are so extreme and so extensive that many are shocked. Denmark once again takes the lead in the race to the bottom, scaring refugees away.

Refugees should only stay for a short time, they are not supposed to have any rights, they will not be allowed to cook their own food, they have to wait 3 years to see their spouses and children, they will get no money but they have to pay fees, they should not have a decent place to live, they will not get free counseling, they will go more often to prison, they can not even visit the neighbouring countries of their home country…

Yes, we are speaking about the people who have lost everything, who cannot stay in their home country where they have experienced terrible things, and who have survived the perilous journey through deserts and across seas in small rubber dinghies. With the hope of a peaceful future and being able to take their loved ones to safety. Who have heard that human rights are respected here. And who could be a big asset for Denmark if they were not treated like this.

Already part of the state budget negotiations: 

• Low integration allowance will target everybody with less than 7 years of legal stay 

• Harder to obtain spouse reunification 

• UN resettlement refugees will be chosen according to their integration potential 

• Refugees must pay flight tickets in connection to family reunification 

Conditions and access:

1. Limitation of durance of residence permit for refugees
– Residence permit after §7,1 /convention status (now 5 years) shortened to 3 years, and after §7,2 /protection status (now 5 years) shortened to 2 years

2. Postponing the right to family reunification for refugees with temporary protection status
– The ones who have been granted residence after §7,3 will have to wait 3 years before applying for family reunification (now 1 year)

3. Harder to obtain permanent residence permit
– Present requirements of 5 years stay with easier access for refugees after 7 years will be changed so that very integrated persons can apply after 4 years, others after 6 years, no easier way for refugees 

4. Tightening of the rules for withdrawal of residence permit for refugees 
– Vacation in the neighbouring countries (as well as the home country) will lead to loosing the residence permit 

5. Fees 
– Reintroduction of the fees on applying for family reunification, extension and permanent residence permit 

6. Extended demands on asylum seekers own payment for their stay in Denmark 

7. Access to finding out whether asylum seekers have brought economical means with them 

8. Fewer on self catering via extended use of cafetarias in the asylum camps 

9. Lowering the economical allowances to asylum seekers 

10. Stop for the special counseling (on voluntary return)

11. Stop for the Asylum Deal (2012) 
– No longer access to move out of the camps or work after 6 months, less language training and activation 

12. The new low Integration allowance will be extended to include more people 

13. Reformation of the rules for spouse reunification etc (no details yet) 

14. UN resettlement refugees will be chosen according to their integration potential 

15. The state will no longer pay flight tickets for family members of residing refugees


16. More focus on deporting rejected asylum seekers and other foreigners without legal stay 

17. Extended access to detention of rejected asylum seekers 
– Detentions used faster after rejection and generally used more 

18. Shorter time limit to leave the country  
– Present 15 days will be changed to 7 days 

19. More control with foreigners in deportation center 
– Electronic access control 

20. New deportation center further away from larger cities 
– New center besides Sjælsmark or in stead of? Not clear.

21. Extended use of daily/weekly duty to register and the duty to stay in one place 

Increased influx:

22.  Increased capacity to accommodation, including tents 

23.  Access to deviate from the normal Danish laws when accommodating asylum seekers 

24.  Access to use buildings for accommodating or detaining asylum seekers without owner's permission

25. Access to force municipalities to run asylum camps 

26. Using private entrepreneurs to perform tasks for the authorities concerning foreigners 
– Security companies like G4S could be used for controlling, registering and surveillance 

27. Establishing reception camps 
– The police can open camps in Vordingborg Kaserne, Søgårdlejren i Sønderjylland and Valby, København

28. Limitation of the right to be put before a judge within 72 hours of detention for foreigners
– The existing right can be suspended 

29. Option of detaining asylum seekers on the grounds of establishing their identity and other things 

30. Harder sanctions for begging 
– Unconditional prison sentence of 14 days for being charged with begging the first time 

31. Access to stop busses, trains and ferries 


32. Fewer rooms accepted on housing of refugee families

33. Rules about noise and environment not to be used when accommodating refugees 

34.  Stronger integration program 
– More focus on jobs, detailed proposal will be presented around new year