Housing and work outside the centers

After 6 months in asylum center, an asylum seeker can apply for permission to stay with her/his family or a friend if the person has space and does not live in one of the municipalities that have stopped receiving refugees. You can apply for for this permission with the IN3 Application form (nyidanmark.dk). In this case, the asylum seeker will only receive allowance to her/his own household expenses but not to rent or other housing cost and is still included in the asylum center’s health services.

It is also possible from day one to get permission to live with a spouse if this person has permit to stay, but in this case the resident has to cover all expenses, including health treatment. Read more here.

In 2008, families with children who were still in the country 12 months after the final rejection of their case got access to separate housing in connection to an asylum center. This made children’s lives much more normal and less stressed than in the centers, but in January 2016 this was abolished and is no longer an option. Rejected families must now live in either return center Avnstrup (run by Red Cross) or deportation center Sjælsmark (run på the Prison Service), depending on their cooperation.