How many asylum seekers does Denmark receive compared to the rest of Europe?

Denmark was in 2015 ranked a little above average in Europe (No. 12) when comparing number of asylum seekers per capita; 370 applications per 100,000 inhabitants, against Swedens 1,667, Norways 602 and Germanys 587. However, there are big differences in how many are granted asylum in the various countries, and on this parameter Denmark is No. 7 with 285 per 100,000 inhabitants. This is due to the fact that Denmark receives very few unfounded applications. The charts are based on numbers from Eurostat, but according to Danish Immigration Service the recognition rate in Denmark was 86 and not 77.

Applications and granted asylum per 100,000 inhabitants 2015

number of asylum seekers per 1,000 inhabitants 2015, 4 countries

The fact that a country receives many asylum seekers is also linked to the country’s geographical location and how consistently the country takes fingerprints and registers arrivals (e.g. Italy, Greece, Malta and Hungary) and does not necessarily reflect where the asylum seekers wish to claim asylum. For example, many asylum seekers ended up making their asylum claim in Denmark even though they were on their way to Sweden – and even more travelled through the country without being registered.   

The number of asylum seekers in Denmark follows the tendency in Europe. In 2015 the number in Europe doubled since the year before. Particularly, the number of asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan increased. The countries with the highest rise in numbers were Finland, Hungary and Austria. More than a third gave in their application in Germany.   

NUMBER OF ASYLUM SEEKERS in denmark and EU 2008-2015